by: Jacob Berbrink is a digital investigative journalist and producer, Nextstar Media

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INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) — If you have a carbon monoxide detector, make sure it is not included in this consumer alert.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning people about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when using the HECOPRO Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Detector. The device was sold on Amazon under ASIN B07T66J7KJ for $9-$13.

The detectors are made of white plastic with approximate dimensions of 4.1 x 1.8 x 4.1 inches and have a digital display. The devices are generally advertised to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and warn with a flashing red LED and a loud alarm.

The warning came after the CPSC learned that the device could not alert people to the presence of carbon monoxide. Sensitivity tests conducted on the detectors have shown that they do not warn when exposed to predetermined concentrations of carbon monoxide in violation of safety standards.

The CPSC said that if someone installs a detector that does not warn of the presence of carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide enters the home, they will not be warned of the presence of this harmful gas, making injury or death very likely. More than 150 people in the United States die each year from accidental non-fire CO poisoning related to consumer products.

Anyone with a carbon monoxide detector on alert should stop using it and throw it away. They must install new, working carbon monoxide detectors.

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