Fastest Way to Level Viper and Pictomancer for Dawntrail in Final Fantasy 14

Preparing for Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail’s New Jobs, Viper and Pictomancer

As Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion draws near, anticipation builds for its new Jobs: Viper and Pictomancer. These additions, a melee DPS and magical ranged DPS respectively, are expected to cause longer queues for DPS roles in the coming months.

Upon unlocking these Jobs, players will find them already at Level 80, a significant starting point but insufficient for participating in Dawntrail’s Level 90 content. To swiftly bridge this gap, efficient leveling strategies are essential, albeit requiring considerable dedication.

Pre-Dawntrail Preparations

To optimize your leveling experience, here are proactive steps to expedite the process as soon as your chosen Job is unlocked:

Unlock Arkasodara Beast Tribe quests in Thavnair by completing associated side quests.
Similarly, unlock Pixie Beast Tribe quests in Il Mheg after finishing relevant side quests.
Collect daily hunts from Shadowbringers and Dawntrail areas.
Complete but do not turn in a Wondrous Tails journal, holding potential for half a level’s worth of experience upon hand-in.
If available, utilize the June 18 Wondrous Tails journal for a head start, and aim to complete the June 25 journal swiftly after unlocking your new Job to reach Level 81.
Secure a full set of Augmented Cryptlurker armor tailored to your Job from Aymark in Eulmore or Mowen’s Merchant in the Crystarium.
For Viper, acquire the Scouting set; for Pictomancer, opt for the Casting set.
Note: Weapons specific to these Jobs will be purchasable upon Dawntrail’s launch; reserve enough Tomestones accordingly.
If in possession of Azeyma’s Earrings from pre-ordering Dawntrail, these can substitute for purchased Earrings.
Complete and hold 29 Level Sync side quests from Endwalker zones, ensuring they are appropriate for your new Job.
Track and defer completion of Weekly Challenges offering substantial experience until Dawntrail launches.

Post-Dawntrail Execution

Upon unlocking your new Job during Dawntrail’s release, focus immediately on leveling to 90 to engage with the expansion’s new content:

Attain Level 81 swiftly to access Endwalker’s initial leveling dungeon; expedite this by utilizing prepared Wondrous Tails journals.
Equip Augmented Cryptlurker armor and procure a Cryptlurker weapon promptly upon availability.
Commence leveling by prioritizing Shadowbringers and Endwalker hunts suitable to your current level.
Engage in high-experience duty roulettes such as Levelling, Main Scenario, Alliance Raid, and Frontline; avoid Trials, Normal Raids, and specific dungeons for optimal efficiency.
If prepped, deliver Level Sync side quests before the expansion’s release to maximize their experience yield.
Transition to dungeon grinding once daily sources like hunts and roulettes are exhausted:
Team up with supportive friends willing to expedite queues as Tanks or Healers.
Alternatively, use Duty Support to bypass queues at the cost of longer dungeon durations.
Maintain awareness of daily reset timers to capitalize on repeatable experience sources, mitigating monotony during dungeon grinds and accelerating overall leveling progress.

By adhering to these strategies, aspiring Vipers and Pictomancers can efficiently ascend from Level 80 to 90, primed to explore Dawntrail’s thrilling new adventures.

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