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Social media marketing can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why many people these days choose to outsource much of their social media engagement to third-party companies that have been developed by professionals who know what you need to succeed.

However, this does not mean that everything will be fine every time, and sometimes there is a risk to even take advantage.

This is because there are both legitimate and scam sites and it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one company in particular, Famups, and see where they rank when it comes to being a legitimate social media marketing company or not.

Famups says it can help its clients grow their social media accounts through organic reach. They say that through them you need to create a reputation in the market in a few minutes. It’s a nice thought, but we suspect it’s a scam.

What are Famups?

Famups services

Famups is a company that claims it can help with all of your social media marketing. They claim they can help you with more than just yours The rise of Instagrambut with your growth on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify.

They say they provide their clients with high-quality marketing for all aspects of their social media so they can sit back, relax and focus on creating more content.

While this sounds good in theory, we believe they are using a bot to do this, which can put your accounts at risk of suspension or ban.

Let’s take a look at them to see what we ultimately think of them.

What is special about social media marketing?

Social media marketing – you love it and hate it at the same time. The thing about social media marketing is that it has become so essential in the last couple of years to the point where you can’t do well with your brand online if you don’t think about your social media marketing strategy.

You may have avoided social networking websites until now, but now you realize that you can’t live without them at this point.

The good news is that there are quite a few companies that understand your needs when it comes to social media growth and are more than willing to advocate for you.

Figuring out which companies are worth your time and which aren’t is a different story, however.

There are many companies that just want to waste your time and have no interest in helping you at all – they just want to make sure they’re doing well. This is where you need to do a little research and see if it’s worth it.

Features of Famups

Features of Famups

As far as we can tell, Famups offers its customers some pretty basic features for Instagram and other social sites.

They say they can help buy followerslikes and views for Instagram and they say they provide just-in-time delivery where they say they can deliver various marketing plans to their customers within seconds.

They also say that they care deeply about the security and privacy of their customers, which is why they provide all payment methods for their features.

They talk about the reliability of their services and you can expect to get real and relevant support for their features which is the same across the board.

Over time, they believe this will yield a satisfactory result, so you can sit back and not worry about whether your brand is good with them or not.

They also boldly claim that they have some of the best pricing in the industry, which is hard to believe, and it also doesn’t necessarily mean that they are one of the best companies to work with, because good prices don’t always mean good characteristics.

What about their team?

One thing you need to think about in this industry is the team behind the features. Sometimes it can be very tempting to see features you like and want to sign up right away.

However, you need to dig into it a bit and find out who is behind the features and what their intentions are.

Companies that have a really good working relationship with their customers will be more than happy to give up information about their features and what they offer, as well as the team responsible for building the features.

If they are not ready to do this, then you can assume that they have something to hide and they do not want you to know anything about them.

We can’t seem to find much information on the Famups website about the people behind these features, which leads us to believe they’re just trying to get you on board as quickly as possible, but don’t want to keep you in the social marketing game for too long networks – only for a short time.

The reviews aren’t good enough

The thing about Famups is that they have a few things that stand out as red flags that encourage you to avoid them if you can.

One of these is their average reviews. If they were an outstanding company that really cared about their customers, they would have no problem getting accurate reviews of their features that they could display on their site. However, we couldn’t find anything similar on their website.

Instead, they have fake reviews that are completely generic and linked to fake names that you can’t trace.

This is one of the telltale signs and one of the main reasons why you need to stay away from such a company.

We appreciate the effort they put into their fake reviews, but it doesn’t cut it for us and we don’t think they care enough about their customers.

Famups review

Famups subscribers

+ Positive points:

Safe site

Like many other companies in the social media marketing business these days, Famups has made sure to secure their website with HTTPS.

This used to be much less common, but now most companies you visit online will protect their website in this way.

This means you can share personal information there without revealing it, and it’s also easier for you to be found by search engines because they will rank higher.

Visible prices

Followers on Instagram Famups

Famups has included their prices on their website. However, our concern is that their pricing and features do not reflect their claims of being a social media marketing growth service.

They say you can buy a certain number of Instagram followers; for example, 500 for $7.00, which means they are not only using a bot, but they are also selling fake engagement to their customers. It’s good that they have visible prices, but not so good about the context.

– Negatives:

FAQ and help page

Famups have a bit of information on their website about how to grow your social media profiles, but nowhere could we find an FAQ section to help you learn more about how they work before diving in.

Of course, we think this is an important feature and don’t think you should sign up for anything without it.

Real reviews

Famups does have reviews on their site, but we just don’t think they’re authentic. They have generic names attached to them and don’t have the details that actual reviews would include. This means they are either paying someone to write them or they are just plain fake.

Form for phone and e-mail

One important level of accountability for such companies is to have an email and phone form that customers can fill out when they first sign up for their features.

This is a great way for them to stay in touch with existing customers and have an open line of communication. As you might have guessed, Famups doesn’t have this feature at all.

Famups user reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Famups on Trustpilot. There is also a user feedback section at the end of this article that you can check out.

Famups Trustpilot

The best alternatives to Famups

Is it safe to use Famups? Is this a scam?

So, what do we want to take away from this review about Famups? That they are a scam and cannot be trusted.

It would be nice to be able to trust companies like this, but at this point it’s clear to us that they’re just selling their customers fake engagement and using a bot to automate what they call a growth service.

It is too risky for your existing social media reputation to use such a company to support them, so we recommend that you look elsewhere for increased engagement.

Summary of the review


Famups says it can help its clients grow their social media accounts through organic reach. They say that through them you need to create a reputation in the market in a few minutes. It’s a nice thought, but we suspect it’s a scam.


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