Ann Arbor, Michigan (WLNS) – Nickels Arcade is a historic shopping district in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The district was established in 1917 and is one of the main places for walks.

“It’s a European arcade that you sometimes see in France or Europe,” said Rhonda Gilpin, owner of the Caravan Gift Shop.

The Gilpin family owns Caravan’s gift shop at Nickel’s Arcade Ann Arbor. It is one of the original arcade shops when it first opened in the early 1900s. The arcade itself is one of the oldest shopping areas in Ann Arbor. The gift shop has become a family heirloom passed down through the generations.

“I feel happy, lucky and lucky enough,” Gilpin said, “that you can work with your family, meet new people every day, and I’m just lucky to have spent so many years playing games.”

The store features more than 100 artists. The duo of mother and daughter travel around the world to bring back works of art.

“Some of my favorite items in the store, I guess, will tell you what’s right behind me,” said Bailey Ales, manager of Caravan Gift Shop. “It’s very cool, it’s called thermody, and they’re from Italy. It’s a really cool Italian tradition, everything you see here is the last one, but they start giving it to someone who just had a baby, and you start investing in it, and usually at marriage you would give it to a child, and they would have opened it. ”

The gift shop has puzzles, cards, handmade jewelry, ornaments, woodwork and more.

Gilpin and Ales say they love working in the Nickels gaming car because of its rich history and great location.
“We are a few steps away from the University of Michigan, so we have a lot of clients, not only students but also teachers,” said Gilpin.

Nickels Arcade is listed on National Register of Historic Places.

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