DUIT TANCHIP, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – Housing experts are skeptical of a message sent to Rotunda Trailer Park residents in DeWitt, giving them a month to leave.

Earlier this month, Rotunda Trailer Park tenants opened their mailboxes and found a letter announcing that the park would close on April 5th. When these people rushed in search of new housing, experts began to study what the park management told them.

“We’ve really been called in and are suspicious of what’s going on,” said Christy, executive director of Mid-Michigan Housing Services.

Her group is a major agency in Clinton County with a focused housing program. She said Rotunda Trailer Park tenants were calling her office for help. She said the notice sent to them was something they had not seen before, but they still took the issue seriously. The alert left residents like Doug Schmidt in fear for their future. He said there were only 15 days left that he needed more time to find a new place to live.

“I will still move in April, but I will have to be thrown out of here. They can’t, it’s not. They can’t do that, ”he said.

Jim Schaafsma, a housing lawyer, said notification requirements were few but critical.

“It does not involve any contact with a court or other government body. All that is required is a written notice to the tenants that they want the tenants to leave, that they plan to terminate the lease agreement, and indicate the grounds for termination of housing, ”he said.

Schaffsma looked at a copy of the message received by 6 News. He said the report lacked important details that could have prevented further eviction efforts. He said a deadline for moving is required in the first post.

“Secondly, it does not specify the proposed grounds or grounds for the alleged termination of the housing contract and, thirdly, it lacks specific information, which is a notice of the tenant’s right to meet with the landlord to discuss the termination of the lease,” said Shafsma. .

The park administrator will not speak to us on camera about these issues, but she said she is also threatened with eviction from the property because she also lives there. She did not receive a response from the property owner Royal Group LLC in Royal Oak, Michigan, as she was informed of the decision to close the park. 6 News did not receive from the property owner after several attempts to comment.

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