Excessive reactions on the left are harmful

Yes, there are racists in America, one of them is Leonard Pitts, who pushes his anti-racism at every opportunity. Fanaticism will never go away, but people should have problems with it only when that bigotry is fueled by the government, as we see with the anti-white / Asian and anti-male bigotry that is regularly fueled today.

People have the right to be fanatics against all sorts of things. The government, however, does not do this because the government must remain impartial in all such things. That is why it made sense to oppose segregation and Jim Blood, and why it makes sense today to oppose Positive Action and Chapter IX. People like to pretend that their bigotry is about equality, but do so only from the standpoint of ignorance.

As long as the left continues to push their ignorance through people like Leonard Pitts, we will see that ignorance actually promotes and creates the bigotry they claim to oppose. Stop pretending that everything should be perfect. As long as someone does not cause real harm, society as a whole does not need to intervene. Does this mean that we can suffer from people who could have been stopped before they started acting? Yes. But it also means that we will not have the damage done by overreaction, the damage that seems to be far greater than the damage that could have been prevented.

Freedom and liberty not only mean freedoms and liberties that you agree with, but they include those that you disagree with until real harm is noticed. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Today this is as true as in childhood. Unfortunately, too many leftists today seem to have never learned this lesson and passed it on to their children, and their overreaction does far more harm than good.

Janaton Leszczynski


Lack of collective voice means lack of power

Only in the Republican world can anyone assume that staff negotiations with management will have any success outside of collective bargaining (“The new Republican bill will give workers an alternative to unions. Republicans must support it,” Macomb Daily said Feb. 7).

Mr Olsen is wrong to claim that union density is 6% less than 33% in 1964. The real figure, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 10.3%, and the public sector alone is 33%. The gallop shows that 48% of non-union workers would join them if it were possible. I believe the main reason for the decline of unions is the outsourcing of job production first to Mexico in the 70s and then to Asia in the 80s. As these production jobs went away, so did the construction work of the local unions that supported these facilities, leading to a downward spiral.

The Bill on Teams, authored by Senator Rubio and a representative of the Bank, allows employers to create a group of workers “outside the remit of the National Labor Office” and “not to negotiate collectively” to formally discuss wages and compensation with management. Without a collective voice, management has no reason to implement any of the proposals offered by these recruitment organizations (EIOs). I see it now, ”Mr. Walmart, the staff want healthcare to be an advantage, “” Thank you for your contribution, have a good day and get back to work. ” At Amazon they will just give you an empty bottle to urinate to avoid breaks in the bathroom.

There is even an opinion that the “working director” will take place without the right to vote on the board of directors. Volkswagen has a similar strategy, using union members in Germany, and wanted to adopt it at its plant in Tennessee, but the governor and senators of the regional republic lobbied against merging the plant and the EIO.

Being close to retirement, I am very grateful for my union representation as I will have a beautiful retirement with breadwinner payments for my husband, a healthy 401 and affordable health care at sunset. I am also not naive enough to know that without union representation and collective bargaining I would not have had any of these benefits. Management has no obligation to provide benefits until forced under the contract and you will not contract with the EIO.

Dennis Marentet

St. Clair Shores

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