The EU is pushing legislation for USB-C on a variety of consumer gadgets. The EU Today, the parliament finally ratified the agreement reached in September with the Council of the EU. The Council will approve and publish the law in the Official Journal of the EU.

The board’s statement clarified the schedule and other categories of equipment that are affected. By the end of 2024, most EU tech users should use USB-C.

The law also mandates that all devices with fast charging use the same charging speed. This manual will have “specific labels” that describe charging capabilities.

Once the rule is published, European Union member states will have one year to transpose the requirements and another year to comply. The law only applies to products released after that date.

Critics do not like this idea

When the European Union announced plans to make USB-C charging mandatory in September 2021, various critics, including Apple, warned that the rule could stifle innovation. The European Commission has said that if the new technologies prove worthwhile, it will work with suppliers to adjust existing rules. For example, the EU’s universal charging obligations may one day require charging methods other than USB-C.

Wireless charging is a way to get around the EU’s USB-C regulations for companies like Apple, which insist on using the technology in their products. Although there have been rumors of an iPhone with USB-C, Apple prefers the Lightning connector. While EU regulations don’t ban a proprietary connector, it does require USB-C to go with it. However, an iPhone that relies solely on wireless charging would be impractical due to cost, data transfer issues, and chassis durability. Additionally, the European Union government will eventually regulate wireless charging.

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