CHARLOTTE, Michigan (WLNS) – Ethan County father Jeremy Drosha is seriously injured after risking his life to save his youngest daughter from their burning home.

He is now lying in an intensive care bed, under drowsiness, with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 60% of his body.

“He literally ran up the burning stairs, snatched the child from her bedroom, wrapped her, I guess, and pulled her out,” said Jessica’s sister Rachel Cromwell.

Firefighter Charlotte said the blast from the offer completely blew up part of Drosha’s home, leading to the fire.

His wife Jessica and their two other children were not there at the time. Jeremy and his 4-year-old Aubrey were the only ones in the house.

“She has one small scratch, and the back of her hair is a little burnt, and that’s it. She is quite good because he ran there and saved her life, ”Cromwell said.

Now rubble and broken glass remain from their house.

“This is the only house that children know. It’s the only house Jeremy and Jessica have owned since they got married, ”said Jeremy’s cousin, Adam Drosha.

Although no further travel is known, the family said their main focus was on getting Jeremy on the road to recovery. When Jessica helps her husband endure the trauma, the family said she is grateful for the support.

Part of that support includes more than $ 35,000 donated by families GoFundMe.

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