LANDOVER, Md. (AP) — Jalen Hurts is in a very different position as an NFL quarterback since a rough rookie year in 2020, when he usurped Carson Wentz as Philadelphia’s starter.

Wentz is elsewhere geographically and professionally after moving to Indianapolis and then Washington.

Neither likes to dwell on their season together, Wentz’s departure or how Hurts became the face of the Eagles that his old teammate once was.

Still, when they face Philadelphia for the first time on Sunday, who are looking to remain undefeated and the Commanders are still trying to settle in with their new QB, it will be a measure of how far they’ve come and another barometer for the Eagles ” the choice of Hurts over Wentz.

Hurts becomes the first player in league history to throw for over 300 yards, complete over 80% of his passes and score two or more touchdowns in a game. There was a question about how high his ceiling could be as a professional.

“I knew he had it in him, and again, I’m not surprised by what Jalen does on the football field,” coach Nick Siriani said Wednesday. “It might look like ‘Wow’ to the outside world.” I don’t think it surprises any of us in the building because we live with it every day, we see it every day and we see the growth every day.”

Wentz is still growing in his seventh season, especially considering he’s on his third team in as many years and has had to go from being drafted second overall in 2016 to being criticized and struggling around the league . Saying he’s not “putting a lot of money into” meeting Hearts and the Eagles with new faces and a new coaching staff, the first meeting with Philadelphia is an opportune moment for the 29-year-old to take stock of how he got here.

“My career has been tumultuous,” Wentz said. “A lot of really good memories of my time there, I’m not going to lie: a lot of great friends, a lot of great relationships that I made. I’m definitely going to have mixed emotions in terms of those things, but nothing crazy is going to jump out other than my time being a whirlwind.”

Hurts knows all about tumultuous journeys after being named an SEC freshman at Alabama to benching Tua Tagavailoa and then transferring to Oklahoma before being taken in the second round of the 2020 draft. Only Tagovailoa, now with Miami, has more total yards through two games among QBs, but Hurts has learned not to get too caught up in the highs and lows — or doubt himself at all.

“I’ve never put a ceiling on myself, and I’ve always felt that way,” Hurts said. “Nothing changes. I just take it day by day. I try to pick myself up every day, learn from my mistakes and just keep going.”

Hurts in 2022 is such a double threat. Washington coach Ron Rivera quipped, “Every time he has the ball, it’s a pass option.” He emphasized discipline among the defenders as a way to contain him.

Fortunately for the Commanders, they have two players familiar with Hurts: former Alabama quarterbacks Jonathan Allen and Darron Payne. Like Siriani, they are not surprised by what Hurts is doing.

“We had to practice against him,” Payne said. “Coach (Nick) Saban was yelling at us for holding him back all the time, so I knew he was capable of all those things.”

What exactly are the Eagles capable of with Hurts leading a league-leading offense? That remains to be seen.

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