After a forced break Dream Theater is back on the road.

Like many others, the heavy / progressive rock band, which has been gaining strength since 1988 and has released 15 studio albums, was dropped from the pandemic in March 2020. The quintet canceled the planned dates of the world tour, and the participants went to their separate corners.

But they did not do nothing. Guitarist John Petrucci, in particular, recorded a new solo album “Terminal Velocity”, as well as the first album in 12 years Liquid Tension Experiment, his star band with Tony Levin and former colleagues of the Dream Theater (Jordan Rudes) and present past Mike Partnoy ). And Dream Theater also returned to the studio earlier than expected: four members gathered at the band’s new DTHQ studio in Long Island, New York, and singer James Labry contributed from his home in Canada.

The result of “A View From the Top of the World” came out in October, ranking 3rd in the Hard Rock Albums Billboard and 10th in the Top Rock Albums poll. Now, according to Petrucci, Dream Theater – which also produces branded brands of beer and bourbon – feels on top of the world and is happy to share his “Look” from the stage …

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