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Down Wrightmother, Katie Bryant, asked a Minnesota judge on Friday (February 18th) to hand down the highest sentence to an ex-police officer who killed her 20-year-old son. Instead, Kim Potter was sentenced to a much shorter term of imprisonment, two years –– 16 months of which to serve in prison and the rest served on “release under supervision.”

«She took our boy with one shot to the heart“,” Bryant said during the hearing, “and she broke mine.” During her emotional request to Judge Bryant, she said she deliberately only called Potter a “Defendant.” because she repeatedly called Daunte a “driver.”

“As if killing him was not enough to dehumanize him, she never mentioned his name,” Bryant added. “And for that I will never be able to forgive you.”

Outside the courtroom, Bryant spoke to reporters about the verdict, saying that “the tears of white women outweigh justice». “Today, the justice system killed him again,” she said.

Bryant said the family was “disappointed with the outcome” and noted that Judge Regina Chu cried when it came to Potter’s sentence, but not when she spoke of losing their family in Downt. See her full statement below.

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