The speech will take place three weeks before the Republican Party of Michigan convention, when delegates will vote in favor of the candidacy for Attorney General, Secretary of State and other candidates who will not be included in the ballots at the August primaries.


Trump approved Matt Depern as attorney general, which did not give him success Mar-A-Lago fundraising and wrote what he called Fr. “Violent” letter delegates from the Republican Party of Michigan who criticized their fellow candidate Tom Leonardo, a former speaker of the State House who won the party’s nomination in 2018 but lost in the general election to Democrat Dana Nessel.

The former president also supports Christina Karam as secretary of state rather than state representative Bo Laff and Chesterfield clerk Cindy Berry.

Depernay, who is expected on stage at the rally of the former president, has been teased by Trump’s visit for weeks. Earlier on Friday, in a fundraising email, DePern promised a “GREAT announcement” later in the day that would “fundamentally change this race”.

Karama and Deperna became famous after the 2020 presidential election, echoing Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that the contest was “rigged” against him.

Karamo was a candidate for the Republican poll at the Detroit Part-time Counting Commission. DePern was the state’s chief attorney, who challenged the results in Antrim County and spawned global conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines that the company considers categorically false.

Democrat President Joe Biden defeated Trump by 154,188 votes in Michigan. A Republican-led Senate oversight group that has been investigating the election for months has found there is no evidence of widespread fraud and said Michigan voters should trust the result.

While some Republicans fear that Depernay and Karama could harm the party in the general election, Michigan Republican co-chair Meshon Maddock this week joined Trump in supporting both candidates, an unusual move given the party’s promise to remain neutral.

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