Donald Trump and his two children must make statements when investigating their family’s business practices, a judge ruled on Thursday (February 17th). The former president and his business relationship have been the subject of an investigation launched by the Attorney General of New York, Leticia James.

Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trumpand Donald Trump Jr.will be will soon face hours of interrogationafter a judge of the Supreme Court of New York Arthur Engaron rejected Trump’s request to end James’ investigation.

At a rally this month, Trump said many people looking at his business relationship were “racist.” and previously accused James and the Georgian prosecutor Fanny Willis –– investigation of his shady practice for “political reasons”. He even tried to seek an end to the investigation of James after he stated any statements he made during the civil investigation can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation by a former Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance run parallel to James.

However, Judge Engaron said the MAGA leader would have to make a statement in a civil case because all of Trump can assert his rights to the Fifth Amendment.

“If they are rejected, then [Trumps] will have the right to refuse to answer any questions that they believe may incriminate them, and in this refusal may not comment used against them in criminal prosecution. “

According to The Washington Postif Eric Trumpanother of Trump’s sons was ousted in the same case, he asked the Fifth more than 500 times.

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