Well here we are again. I can’t say I’m surprised; I don’t even think I’m disappointed. Deep down, I knew it was only a matter of time before much of the corruption in the National Football League (NFL) was revealed to prove again that no matter how many helmets they have to print “put an end to racism,” the NFL is undoubtedly racist. I was hoping that the next article I would write about the NFL would praise some of my current favorite defenders who completely changed the game. Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson, I tell you. Unfortunately, another case of systemic racism in the NFL was revealed as a result of a recent lawsuit by former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores.

Flores has sued The NFL claims the organization was racially discriminated against in the hiring process. He claims the owner of Dolphins, the University of Michigan, is his own Stephen M. Ross, from the Ross School of Business, offered Flores money to intentionally play the games in the 2019 season. More defeats than victories would increase the Dolphins ’chances of getting a higher selection in the draft, allowing them to choose the best future player for the future of their franchise. However, Flores was focused on a successful season victoryrather than manipulating the NFL’s future draft. Whenever Flores and his team won the games, the general manager of the Dolphins expressed his anger at him, claiming that he was harming the team. Thanks to his commitment to his team’s current success, Flores recorded his first consecutive win since 2003 with the Dolphins. Despite the tremendous success he brought to the organization, on January 10 the Dolphins fired him on the grounds he considered difficult to work with.

Then, when he started looking for a new job as head coach, Flores attended interviews with the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos. Flores had a Zoom interview with the Giants, and he was scheduled for a personal interview date soon. However, before this interview, one of the old colleagues said through the text that this position was given to someone else. The NFL has a rule called the Rooney Rule states that his teams must conduct a personal interview with at least one minority candidate or a woman for the position of CEO or head coach. This means that they still had to hold an interview only to find out that someone else had been offered the post a day later, bearing in mind that the decision had already been finally made before Flores was interviewed. Flores says he had similar experiences in interviews with Denver Broncos hiring managers, arguing that respondents arrived an hour later and were out of a hangover.

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