As it becomes easier to disconnect from major cable providers, satellite and streaming services are offering more new shows, premium movies, perks and bundled discounts, including military discounts.

Here’s what you need to know to access it.

Does DirecTV offer a military discount?

And yes and no – DirecTV’s military discount is a bit complicated because the company has two separate products.

DirecTV started as a satellite TV provider in 1994. It became part of AT&T in 2015 and expanded to host a streaming platform in 2020.

In 2021 AT&T announced it would spin off its DirecTV, U-Verse and AT&T TV products into a separate company, selling 30% of the new venture to a Texas-based private equity firm while retaining a 70% stake. Since then, DirecTV has combined its offerings into two products: DirecTV Satellite TV and a separate online streaming service, DirecTV Stream.

Is there a military discount on DirecTV Stream?

While it is possible to get an introductory military discount on DirecTV satellite packages, DirecTV Stream does not yet have a military discount program.

However, according to DirecTV spokesperson Nicholas Amatzalors, it’s still in the works, so stay tuned. We will post details as soon as they are available.

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Best military streaming services, discounts and more

AT&T DirecTV Military Discount

AT&T offers several options for DirecTV military discounts on satellite TV services.

  • Discount for AT&T Subscribers: Military and veterans with an AT&T wireless plan can get $15 off DirecTV packages in addition to the military’s 25% discount on all wireless plans.
  • Veterans Discount: Veterans Advantage members who sign a 24-month contract can pay $54.99 per month for 12 months of the DirecTV Entertainment satellite package (regularly $74.99 per month). You’ll also receive a free additional year of VetRewards membership from Veterans Advantage.

In addition, AT&T DirecTV is waiving the $20 per month early termination fee for military personnel under the Servicemembers Civil Assistance Act.

Eligible for the AT&T DirecTV Military Discount

Military, National Guard and Reserve members, veterans, and military spouses who want to take advantage of AT&T’s DirecTV discount through a wireless package discount can check your military status on the carrier’s website. After verification, contact AT&T to apply DirecTV wireless service and military discounts.

Veterans Advantage’s DirecTV discount is available to VetRewards subscribers, including active duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, veterans, military spouses, parents, siblings and children.

note: VetRewards plans cost $9.99 per month or $59.95 per year. If you used VetRewards for DirecTV only, the monthly fee will cancel out half of your DirecTV military discount.

Additional DirecTV discounts

DirecTV Stream offers a student discount of $10 per month for the first 10 months of service, according to its website. However, you cannot apply the military discount to the student discount.

More ways to save on your monthly DirecTV bill

DirecTV has several tiers of subscription packages, including AT&T bundle options that bundle your phone, Internet, and DirecTV subscription into one bill.

Before you buy a DirecTV plan, ask about all the savings options.

Other subscriptions that offer discounts on military services

Several other TV and streaming options offer military discounts:

  • Apple TV: Military and veterans who have been verified through can receive a 10% discount on their AppleTV subscription.
  • Discovery+: Military personnel and veterans get 40% off your Discovery + subscriptiondropping the price from $4.99 to $2.99 ​​per month.
  • Disney+: offers a 25% discount on an annual subscription through the Exchange.
  • Hulu: Military and veterans who sign up through the military base exchange can get a free month of Hulu, plus a 10% military discount for the rest of the year.
  • DishTV: DirecTV’s closest competitor offers veterans and military members several freebies, including the Stars & Stripes package (normally $10 a month), one free pay-per-view movie rental each month and a free voice remote.

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