September 21 Detroit Pistons and Stackwellthe digital investment platform created to close the racial wealth gap has announced a multi-year strategic partnership to expand access to financial markets investments and provide financial wellness and investment education programs to black communities in metropolitan Detroit.

Stackwell, who just released a first-of-its-kind robo-investing app designed to support personal investment and build wealth in the black community, and the Pistons will co-host several events on Detroit to engage community members and help support their access to financial investment, in addition to other collaborations with the team to support black students and small business owners in the city.

“The Detroit Pistons are excited to partner with Stackwell to help provide financial literacy and educational resources across Detroit community,” he said Erica Swilley, Vice President of Public and Social Responsibility. “Stackwell’s goal is to provide Detroit The Black community with access to financial literacy programs aligns with the Detroit Pistons’ commitment to being an asset to our community and those who call it home.”

The partnership will provide financial literacy and investment education programs to high school and college students, as well as minority small business owners in metropolitan Detroit. The Pistons will host events with Stuckwell at the Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center in the New Center area Detroitwhich will enable people in the community to use programs and resources to learn how they can build and maintain personal wealth through investments in the financial markets.

“Stockwell and the Pistons are committed to building a strong, intentional partnership that will support the Black community in Detroit for a long-term perspective,” he said Trevor Rosier-Bird, founder and chief executive officer of Stackwell. “Our work will have an impact for generations of Black people, helping to remove systemic barriers in the financial system and empowering individuals and business owners to take control of their financial future and build generational wealth for themselves and their families.”

“It was important to create collaborations with connections between the Pistons’ deep and diverse community initiatives that could evolve over time,” Rozier-Bird added. “We’re honored to be a part of the equity team’s important work because we believe the racial wealth gap is the social justice issue of our time.”

Community engagement will be at the core of all partnership efforts, and the first year will focus on black-owned businesses in metro Detroit. In the coming years, new programs for college students will be introduced, as well as other youth programs for high school students.

With a population that is 80% black, Detroit is the seventh largest black consumer market in the USA. Stackwell is proud to be a part of the larger revitalization and inclusion efforts taking place in the Motor City.

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