ASX’s Sigma-6 eVTOL aircraft. // Provided by ASX

Organizers of the North American International Auto Show today announced that the all-new “Air Mobility Experience” will join the auto show lineup September 14-25, bringing science fiction to reality over the skies of Detroit and Windsor.

The Show Above the Show will feature flight demonstrations and displays from six international air mobility innovators, including one homegrown Detroit startup, that are expanding the future of personal mobility beyond what was ever imagined.

Hailing from five countries, these pioneers of new air mobility technology will take to the ground and sky in everything from electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to amphibious sport aircraft to hoverbikes, hoverboards and jet suits.

Rendering of the Sigma-6 eVTOL truck.  // Provided by ASX
Rendering of the Sigma-6 eVTOL truck. // Provided by ASX

Highlights include:

  • AIR of Tel Aviv, Israel, will showcase its consumer-oriented AIR ONE eVTOL two-seat aircraft designed to “take the skies.” AIR also offers showroom-goers a “flying experience” in the cockpit of the AIR ONE with an immersive virtual reality simulator.
  • Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) based at Detroit City Airport, will showcase its Sigma-6 eVTOL aircraft, which combines automotive innovation and aviation technology to offer urban commuters a clean, fast and affordable transportation alternative, while providing commercial users with the ability to transport cargo via variable and standardized capsules, military payloads, and first responders.
  • Technologies AERWINS of Wilmington, Delaware / Tokyo-based ALI Technologies will take flight and debut its XTURISMO Hoverbike in the US. The hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, inspired by the Star Wars speeder bikes and designed as a “luxury air cruiser”, is advancing a new generation of mobility with a variety of applications including search and rescue.
  • Gravity Industries of Salisbury, England, will take off into human flight with its patented 1,000 horsepower jet suit. Gravity’s business encompasses search and rescue, paramedic, entertainment and defense programs, as well as a flight training school.
Two-seater light-sport amphibious aircraft ICON A5.  // Courtesy of ICON Aircraft
Two-seater light-sport amphibious aircraft ICON A5. // Courtesy of ICON Aircraft
  • Airplane ICON of Vacaville, Calif., will take off in his “garage” two-seater ICON A5 retractable-wing light-sport amphibious aircraft that was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage.
  • Omni hoverboards from Montreal, Canada, will demonstrate his eVTOL Hoverboard, showing the auto show audience why he earned a spot as a finalist in Italy’s premier talent show, was invited to several cup finals around the world, and holds a Guinness World Record for introducing and inventing the first flying hoverboard.

The Air Mobility Experience will take place over the Detroit River, at Hart Plaza and Huntington Place. XTURISMO, Gravity Jet Suit, ICON A5 and Omni Hoverboard flight demonstrations begin Wednesday, September 14th on Media Day and continue through Sunday, September 18th. Air Mobility displays and impressions of the AIR ONE, ASX’s Sigma-6, and the ICON A5 will be on display at Huntington Place during the show (September 14 – 25).

A full schedule of flight demonstrations and show dates and times will be released soon.

“This exciting addition to the show is a natural extension of the evolving transportation ecosystem, especially as people continue to look for creative ways to enhance personal mobility,” said Joe Langhamer, chairman of the 2022 Detroit Auto Show. “Today, we’re giving auto show audiences a taste of the future with a look at the full spectrum of mobility—from the thrill of human motion to amphibious vehicles you can keep in your backyard to electric vehicles leading the industry’s transformation.”

The first eVTOL hoverboard from Omni Hoverboards.  // Provided by Omni
The first eVTOL hoverboard from Omni Hoverboards. // Provided by Omni

Companies participating in the inaugural Air Mobility Experience at the Detroit Auto Show offered the following commentary:

  • “We are delighted to showcase the AIR ONE, the sports car of the sky, at a truly iconic event like this. The Detroit Auto Show both inspires and embraces innovation and ingenuity, and we’re excited to give auto enthusiasts a glimpse into a near future where flying will be as easy as driving.” — Rani Plaut, co-founder and CEO of AIR
  • “Airspace Experience Technologies Inc.” (ASX) will demonstrate a proven concept for a multimodal electric VTOL aircraft and ground robot to connect and operate payloads for defense, emergency response, cargo and passenger transport. The vehicle is currently undergoing flight testing and control validation, and we look forward to sharing our vision for an all-new mobile platform. Designed and built in Detroit.” — John Rimanelli, Founder and CEO, ASX
  • “Inspired by the Star Wars saga, the limited edition XTURISMO features a sleek and stylish exterior, equipped with a hybrid propulsion system consisting of an internal combustion engine and four electric motors. It is presented as a new icon of next-generation air mobility for those seeking new frontiers in travel.” — Shuhei Komatsu, founder and inventor of XTURISMO
  • “Gravity Industries is excited to be a part of the iconic NAIAS 2022 show, introducing our advanced jet suit at the show in Detroit. Demonstrating relentless innovation in mobility, we are now expanding our presence in North America with two new Flight Training Centers under construction.” — Richard Browning, Founder and Chief Test Pilot, Gravity Industries
  • “The future of flying is here, and personal adventure flying is now available to those who want it. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the ICON A5 at this incredible show and continue to ignite people’s imaginations about the future of flight and air mobility.” — Jerry Meyer, CEO of ICON Aircraft
  • “Bringing our vehicle to the Detroit Auto Show is a great opportunity for us at Omni Hoverboards. There are so many different companies innovating right now, it’s an automotive renaissance and we’re honored to be a part of it.” — Philip Maalouf, co-founder and vice president of Omni Hoverboards

To view each aircraft, visit here.

Key dates for the 2022 Detroit Auto Show:

  • Media Day, Wednesday, September 14
  • AutoMobili-D and Industry Tech Days, Wednesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 15
  • Charity Review, Friday, September 16
  • Public show, Saturday 17th September to Sunday 25th September