Derek Miller on Sunday resigned as head of the operational department of the Macomb County Attorney’s Office a day before he was due to face a hearing that could lead to his dismissal.

Miller resigned the day before the Laudermill hearing was scheduled to take place in Mount Clemens, according to County Human Resources Director Andrew McKinnon, after which he could be fired or fired for alleged actions in connection with his former chief, former prosecutor Eric Smith, who is accused of 10 crimes for allegedly stealing tens of thousands of public dollars.

In this regard, Auckland County Court Judge Nancy Grant was appointed by the State Court Administrative Office in the Smith-Miller case after all 15 criminal judges on Macomb’s bench announced their removal.

Auckland County Court Judge Nancy Grant PHOTO O’FLAND COURT COURTS

Miller, 38, of Warren, was linked by 41B District Court in Macomb District Court on Feb. 4 on charges of misconduct by a government official and conspiracy to commit an illegal act illegally after a nine-day preliminary hearing of more than six months.

Later that day, prosecutor Pete Lucido filed a request for a hearing in Laudermill against Miller based on the standard of probable cause that had been reached. The county supported Lucido in his efforts, McKinnon said.

Late Monday afternoon, Lucido could not be reached for comment.

Miller has been in that position only for most of the past two years because he was placed on paid administrative leave around April 1, 2022 after Attorney General Dana Nessel announced charges against him, Smith and two other co-defendants. . Miller received a salary of about $ 120,000, except for a few weeks last year when he was transferred to a lower position, office manager, and half the salary of Assistant Attorney General William Cataldo when Lucid tried to fire Cataldo. Catalda was appointed head of the special prosecutor’s office, but worked in the district court.

Miller postponed comment to his attorney, Steve Fishman, who represents him in the criminal case. Fishman called the resignation “a tragedy for Derek Miller and the citizens of Macomb County.”

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