Walker-Miller Energy Services has announced the promotion of Camila Bryant as the organization’s first CEO for Diversity and the hiring of Kimika Gareth as the new CEO for People and Culture. Bryant previously served as the company’s chief human resources and culture director for energy efficiency.

As Chief Executive Officer for Diversity, Bryant is responsible for developing and managing the strategy of operational initiatives in terms of equity. Bryant will create strategies to ensure diverse hiring and promotion in the organization, as well as lead diversity training programs for staff.

“We are evolving from an equity-oriented energy efficiency service provider to a leader in the idea of ​​integrating equity into all elements of a clean energy space,” said Carla Walker-Miller, founder and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services.

She goes on to say: “We are committed in 2018 to recruiting team members who embrace our core values, and this decision has served us well. Each of these steps is designed to ensure that our team members, our customers and the communities we serve have an extraordinary experience. ”

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Walker-Miller Energy Services is one of the largest African-American and women’s energy efficiency companies in the United States. Walker-Miller’s commitment to empowering and enriching communities is at the heart of a unique people-centered approach that normalizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in energy programs. Walker-Miller Energy Services is making a name for itself in the industry as a bridge between the traditional utilities industry and the rapidly changing decarbonized enterprise of the future.

With one of the most diverse teams in the industry, Walker-Miller Energy Services develops programs, creates products, trains an inclusive workforce, and researches and develops innovations that drive the spread of energy-efficient practices and behaviors. Research and advice on Equitable Mobility include the development and management of mobility programs, as well as services for the installation and maintenance of EV chargers. As part of the company’s commitment to capital, the firm introduces various companies to the possibilities of providing EV products and services. The high-performance firm has honed a special competency to successfully engage systemically excluded communities that have not historically participated in clean energy programs.

These efforts help reduce the energy burden on local families and businesses, create jobs, diversify the local energy workforce and sympathetically serve the needs of low-income families.

Walker-Miller Energy Services deliberately seeks to create an energy workforce that reflects the rich diversity of this country by aggressively recruiting black and colored people, women, people who identify themselves as LGBTQIA +, people living with disabilities, returning citizens and veterans. As minorities and women remain underrepresented in the energy industry, and especially in the fastest growing segments, Walker-Miller Energy Services focuses on both recruiting and developing talent from these underrepresented demographics, providing them with an insight into the energy sector. . industry.

Walker-Miller says: “In line with our core value of the Inclusive Stewardship, we continue to develop a team that reflects the rich diversity of this country. To proudly serve diverse communities and make sure our team members feel heard, valued, and empowered, we must continually enhance our own cultural competence. Camilla will help strengthen the environment of psychological security, where all people are accepted. “

“I’m excited to move on to this new chapter,” Bryant says. “In order for our organization to represent what the world around us looks like, it is completely beneficial for all of us, and I consider it a privilege to do so. I fully intend to work every day to make our team members, customers and partners feel wanted, connected and know they belong; know that their contributions and prospects are valued. That inclusion is how we thrive. ”

Bryant’s roles and responsibilities also include analyzing research-based DEI initiatives to measure progress and suggest improvements; remain well aware of trends, laws, regulations and other factors affecting DEI programs; advising team members on DEI issues; and represent the organization at industry events and meetings.

“Camilla has done an amazing job of advancing our HR team at a time when she was our Chief Human Resources and Culture Director, especially since the company has experienced rapid and tremendous growth,” said Greg Walker, president of Walker-Miller Energy Services. .

He continues: “We are excited to see what she will do if she manages our strategy of diversity, equity and inclusion. I am confident that with her experience, skills and passion Walker-Miller Energy Services will continue to be at the forefront of fair energy practice, serving as a real example of how DEI works when it is the norm and woven into every component of your day-to-day operations. companies ”.

Bryant joined Walker-Miller Energy Services in September 2019 as Chief Human Resources Officer. Prior to Walker-Miller Energy Services, Bryant held a number of roles at General Electric, including Senior Human Resources Manager and Executive Human Resources Business Partner at GE Digital’s Global Digital Hub Transformation, where she was responsible for culture, collaboration, training and development. as well as promoting the restructuring and creation of horizontal organizations in four technology centers and 5,000 employees worldwide.

Throughout her career, Bryant has also contributed to many small business success stories for startups in both start-up and strategic growth, including their family business, The Alden Group, a consumer goods company that produces specialty culinary oil. As Director of Business Development at Catalyst Community Partners, Bryant led efforts to rebuild abandoned urban markets by recruiting neighboring entrepreneurs to open and maintain brick-and-mortar businesses.

Enthusiastic about supporting workforce development for historically marginalized individuals, Bryant is currently serving as the executive champion of the Green Jobs curriculum through Walker-Miller Energy Services. She is also a board member of Workforce Opportunity Solutions, a nonprofit that recruits, trains, and employs large nonprofit and veteran talent talents.

A native of Flint, Michigan, Bryant studied at the University of Michigan, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political theory and constitutional democracy and a master’s degree in labor relations and human resources.

As the company’s new head of energy efficiency and culture, Kimika Gareth takes on a leadership role in the organization’s HR functions. Garrett’s expertise includes human resource management, process and performance improvement, organizational development and efficiency, training and learning development, strategic planning and talent management.

“It is very important for me to participate in and contribute to an organization in which I can actively see the connection of its actions, internal and external, with the core values ​​of the company. That’s what drew me to Walker-Miller Energy Services, ”Gareth says.

A native of Michigan, Gareth is a versatile, energetic, far-sighted champion of organizational improvement with experience in transforming staff in the technology, pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, non-profit / government and chemical / science industries. It seeks to help organizations achieve operational excellence through strategic planning, process improvement, and human capital management.

She states: “The composition of the Walker-Miller management team is a shining example of our core value of inclusive management. Seeing how Carla Brave Gody received awards and recognition for her leadership, and accepted them with modest confidence, was a deciding factor for me to join Walker-Miller Energy Services. As Director General for People and Culture, I look forward to living and sharing our BHIVE values ​​with everyone I interact with. ”

Prior to joining Walker-Miller Energy Services, Gareth held the position of Head of HR at a number of organizations, including Accenture’s Personnel Transformation Manager, Visteon’s Regional Personnel Manager, and Human Resources Director for Alternatives for Girls.

“The chemist is a passionate, talented leader whose very nature embodies our core values ​​- inclusive governance and an extraordinary experience,” says Walker-Miller. , Kimika will work to help our team members gain an extraordinary experience at Walker-Miller.

Walker says: “With Chemistry’s experience we are looking for her to help us take the next step on our path by becoming the best employer nationally. She brings us a wealth of experience in the human resources arena, and we look forward to using this from day one. ”

Due to his extensive knowledge and experience in organizational management, Gareth is in high demand as a public speaker. Thanks to her energetic, creative and REAL (relevant, attractive, effective, advanced) style she can often be found leading master classes, retreats and participating in panel discussions. Gareth is committed to uplifting and fostering talent from the next generation of Michigan business executives. She is a board member of the Detroit Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and is vice president of member service.

Gareth received a master’s degree in human resource management and organizational development (MSHROD) from the University of Eastern Michigan, is a certified Lean Six Sigma black belt and a certified SHRM HR (SHRM-CP) specialist.



The 21-year-old Walker-Miller Energy Services is a trusted partner with deep roots in the energy industry. Through the prism of equity, the company provides ideological leadership to utilities, municipalities, businesses and communities to help achieve energy reduction goals and bring clean energy benefits to all communities. The philosophy of energy efficiency is based on our experience, as justice helps families and businesses save energy and save money. Building on the company’s perfect culture, Walker-Miller Energy Services consistently achieves the program’s energy efficiency goals and delivers the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Walker-Miller is guided by the following core values: boldly go higher and further, with humble confidence, inclusive leadership and an unwavering commitment to a valuable reputation, while providing an outstanding experience to team members, customers and stakeholders. Walker-Miller Energy Services is committed to changing lives through energy efficiency. Visit www.wmenergy.com for more information.

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