It’s a lull after the storm for Caleb Weyand.

“I relaxed and went to the gym,” the new Dakota state wrestling champion said during a phone interview.

These days, Weiand is focused on making punches, not takedowns. He is a member of the Cougar golf team, which is about to start operating.

“I’ve been playing golf for several years,” says the 11th-grader. “It’s such a relief from the fight.

“Wrestling is a really difficult sport. Golf is more fun than mentally difficult. ”

Weyand lost in the 2021 Division 1 Championship at 103 pounds, and that result spurred his desire this season.

“He was on a mission,” said assistant coach Ed Skovnesky.

Weand fought in summer tournaments, including in Orlando, Florida, and Myrtle Beach, SC. He won 10-2 at Disney Duals and finished second in South Carolina.

“Last year I had nerves (in the state finals),” Weand said. “I could say that it didn’t help me at all.

“There were no more nerves this year. I’m used to the big stage. “

Weyand finished the season 48-0, defeating Marian Lopez of Holt 3-1 in the 112-pound championship at Ford Field on March 5.

Weyand scored two points for a takedown in a few seconds in the first period.

“It changed the color of the match’s face,” Skovnesky said. “He was in the lead and was not going to give it up. He fought very smartly.

“He controlled the rest of the way.”

In the first period, Weyanda was hit in the face.

“I was very hurt,” he said.

But at that moment the driving force was the influence of a couple of his examples.

One of them was his older brother Brad, who competed in the state team quarterfinals for Dakota in 2019 and 2020.

“I really looked at him and wanted to follow him,” Caleb said. “The most important thing he taught me is to be careful about your problems, not to let anyone touch you.”

Another was Brendan Ferretti, a former Cougar who won state championships in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“Caleb and Brendan are good friends,” Skovnesky said. “He followed in Brendan’s footsteps.

“He wanted to post his photo on the state champions’ wall like his buddy.”

Lopez scored a point for the escape, but that was all he managed against Vianda, who became the seventh Dakota champion.

“It was amazing, especially after losing last year’s championship,” Weand said.

Weyand started the final on March 4 with a pin against Marcello Luna of Brownstown Woodhaven. He then won a decision against Ryan Mosher of Holt to reach the semi-finals, where he scored a major court decision over Josh Vazquez of Granville.

The next day Weyand was one of three cougars who fought in the championship fights.

Dakota finished with eight individuals who did all the states, setting a team record.

“Over the years, they’ve gotten better and better,” Skovnesky said of the team. “Most of all it was what they believed. It’s very important in sports. “

Weyand comes from a family with a success story in wrestling.

His father, Mark and Uncle Keith, were representatives of Clintondale. Both help the Dakota program.

“They’re very positive people, and that filters the whole team,” Skovnesky said.

“I’ve been fighting all my life,” Caleb said.

Caleb Weyand has won over 100 matches as a cougar.

“He had a dominant season on all fronts,” Skovnesky said. “One thing I’ve noticed in him this year is that he’s become more of a leader in the wrestling hall.”

Weyand and his fellow captains led the team, Skovnesky said.

“They set the tone that expectations were high,” the coach said.

Weyand was among four Macomb County wrestlers who won the state championship.

Kevin McKirnon of Richmond won out of 171 in Division 3.

In the girls’ final, sponsored for the first time by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Michelle Rebish of Romeo won with 145 and Hannah Palis of Warren Mott won with 125.

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