WASHINGTON — This isn’t the first or largest march ever to take place near the United States Capitol for immigration reform.

“How many of them have you had now?” Washington correspondent Joe St. George Blanco Callas, a DACA recipient from Phoenix.

“Too many,” replied Collazo, an organizer with LUCHA in Arizona.

While this isn’t Collazo’s first march, it may be one of his most important.

“Right now, it’s now or never,” Collazo said.

Why Do DACA Recipients Have a Sense of Urgency?

You see, the House, Senate, and White House Democratic leaders currently support DACA and a path to citizenship for those who came to the U.S. undocumented as children.

However, in January, the House will be controlled by Republicans, many of whom have opposed DACA and a path to citizenship in the past.

As a result, Collazo knows there’s not much he can do next year.

That’s why she’s gone a long way to push lawmakers to do something over the next few weeks.

“Now we’re all really freaking out. We’ve been living in limbo,” Collazo said.

The reality is that if anything could pass Congress by now, it probably would.

Still, Democratic leaders appear to be at least trying to find a deal again in the next few weeks.

The new Congress begins on January 3.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois led the talks on behalf of the Democrats and recently briefed the press.

“We need ten Republicans to step up and join us in this effort. I can think of four or five while I’m here. We need more,” Senator Durbin said.

“We have an opportunity, that opportunity is December,” Durbin added.

That opportunity may require Democrats to do something for conservatives that many have so far been reluctant to do.

It certainly provides significant funding and structural changes to address the current border situation.

Many Republicans have stressed that the country cannot hand out citizenship cards without improving border security.

Last year, more than two million migrants tried to enter our country.

As for Blanka, she’s just excited about the political fight over immigration that could happen this holiday season.

Will she win? She doesn’t know – now she just believes.

“I believe we will win,” Kolyaso chanted.

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