Hastings, Michigan (GRES) – Brigades are working to put out a fire that broke out at a downtown restaurant in Hastings early Sunday morning.

Hastings Fire Service is working to put out the fire at Vinnie’s Woodfired Saloon, located at 133 E State St. near South Michigan Avenue.

The front windows were completely knocked out of the building, the News 8 crew reported at the scene.

Hastings firefighters are battling a fire in Vinnie’s Woodfired saloon. (March 20, 2022)

Under the sun, a nearby plant seems to have a lot of damage from smoke and water.

It is unclear at what time firefighters were called to the scene, what caused the fire and whether anyone was injured.

This story is evolving. News 8 will be updated with more information as soon as it is released.

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