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Bellevue, Nebraska, September 22, 2022:

ConvergenceCoaching®a remote, hybrid and flexible management consulting firm working exclusively with accounting and consulting firms and associations, stated October 21National Firefighters Day some customers.”

“Businesses in all industries face enormous opportunities, but have limited ability to capitalize on them,” stated Jennifer Wilson. “Capacity-building strategies are available, but they require valuable time and resources to plan and implement. However, there is one strategy that every firm can implement immediately to significantly increase capacity before the next busy season: reduce the burden on customers. At ConvergenceCoaching, we believe that firms need to stop talking about the power problem and start solving it,” Wilson continued.

“Every firm we know has a pressing need to properly allocate their liabilities to match staffing,” general Tamera Lörzel. “The fastest way to make room for team members is to reduce our yeses and make the difficult decision to let go of some customers. We don’t recommend this lightly because we know how important customer relationships are. But most firms face a win-win situation and risk laying off more team members and destabilizing customer service if they don’t take bold steps to demonstrate a commitment to the quality of work and life for their talent,” continued Loerzel.

Because many firms are unsure of where to start, ConvergenceCoaching recommends the following steps to help executives develop an acquisition strategy:

  • Identify customers who are no longer a good fit
  • Let them know your new vision and focus on it October 21, 2022
  • Give them options for other providers (where it makes sense)
  • Overcome common objections

To learn more about some of our clients’ National Firefighters Day or get resources on how you can start implementing the strategies at your firm today, visit our blog or contact us.

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