The salaries of the heads of five school districts in Livingston County have risen over the past few years following a trend of increasing superintendent salaries with rising inflation across the state, according to a researcher from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

A survey conducted by the center shows that the average base salary of Michigan leaders in 2016 was $ 119,000 and increased to $ 123,000 in 2020, said Ben DeGrowe, director of educational policy at the Macinak Center for Public Policy.

Salaries in the school districts of Brighton, Howell, Heartland, Pinkney and Fowlerville are higher than the average base salary in the state.

Here is how the salaries of the heads of all five public schools in Livingston County (by number of students) are compared:

  • Howell Public Schools – Head: Erin McGregor – Salary: $ 185,000 – 6,912 students
  • Brighton Schools – Superintendent (New in 2020): Matthew Outlaw – Salary: $ 185,000 – 5,804 students
  • Heartland Consolidated Schools – Head: Chuck Hughes – Salary: $ 174,083 – 5,234 students
  • Fowlerville Community Schools – Head: Wayne Redell – Salary: $ 139,281.49 – 2,601 students
  • Pinkney Community Schools – Head: Richard Todd – Salary: $ 135,340.33 – 2,261 students

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