WESTERN MICHIGAN – FOX Meteorologist Forecast 17 Hailey Vaughn: Good morning and happy Saturday! In areas along and west of the U.S. 131 snow exploded with the effect of a lake, otherwise slightly cloudy. Due to the effect of the lake, additional snowfalls of 1-3 “are possible. Today’s temperature remains 10-20 degrees below normal for mid-March, with high temperatures only below 20 degrees. Get ready! Snowfall resumes tonight at early morning On Sunday, and later on Sunday afternoon, the air will be softer, with temperatures expected to be 1 to 2 inches by 10 a.m. Sunday, with some higher temperatures possible in the Netherlands, Muskegon and Freemonne. degrees, with strong gusts of wind and a slight sunny day.On Sunday, gusts of wind can reach 40 m / s! 60 degrees Be sure to download the FOX 17 weather app to get the latest forecasts and radar.

TODAY: Mostly cloudy with lake exposure, snow possible, especially along / west of 131 US. Accumulation of snow from 1 “to 3” is possible. Colder too! Maximum temperature below 20s.

TODAY: Partly cloudy with variable cloudiness, snowfalls develop late. Minimum in adolescents with westerly / southwesterly winds 10 to 15 mph.

tomorrow: Light snow is possible in the morning. In the afternoon the cloudiness decreases, up to a maximum of 40. Strong southwest wind from 10 to 20 m / s, with gusts up to 40 m / s.

Monday: Partly cloudy. The maximum temperature is about 50 degrees. On Monday night, short-term rain is possible.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, up to 50’s.

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