The Ann Arbor City Council met Monday night at Larcombe City Hall to elect an interim mayor for 2022-2024, setting the order of succession for the acting mayor. The whole meeting lasted about 45 minutes.

Deputy of the City Council Travis Rodina, D-Ward 3, was unanimously elected by the Council as mayor of Ann Arbor and will be Ann Arbor’s first openly gay mayor in more than two decades. A mayor pro tem is an elected position that appoints the interim mayor of Ann Arbor while he is in office elected mayorDemocrat Christopher Taylor, unavailable.

At the meeting, Radina said that he is happy to take this position for the next term.

“I am honored that my new colleagues have trusted me to serve in this important leadership role in our city and welcome the opportunity to expand my service to this Council and the community we all love,” Rodina said. “I am especially pleased to be elected by the current composition of the city council, which has become the most diverse in the entire history of our city. The magnitude of that honor and the responsibility that comes with it is not lost on me.”

The meeting was also the first of the five newly elected council members joined the rest of the Council at Larcom City Hall. According to the results of the interim period of 8 November elections, the Ann Arbor City Council now has the most diverse lineup of council members in the city’s history. U press release sent after the meeting, Radino said he is especially proud to work alongside a diverse council to improve the quality of life and city services in Ann Arbor.

“I look forward to working with each of my colleagues over the next two years to restore civility to this body and trust in our government, provide better than basic city services, continue progress on our housing and climate goals , and promote progressive policies that make Ann Arbor a desirable place to live, study, work, raise a family, vacation and, ultimately, retire,” Radina wrote in a news release.

Radino was elected to the position after his pro-life predecessor, Julie Grand, D-Ward 3, decided not to run for re-election as a council member this November. The family will serve in that role for the next four years, which coincides with Taylor’s term as mayor of Ann Arbor. The next candidate will be elected in the next midterm election in 2026.

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