I’m an avid snickerhead. For me, sneakers are not just functional shoes, but individual works of art, which with their bold and unique design push the boundaries of fashion.

Like someone out Minnesota, I believe that there is a difference between “tennis shoes” and “sneakers”: “tennis shoes” are designed exclusively for sports or shoes that can support more sports activities, while “sneakers” are a more diverse branch of this style, casual shoes that can be used on many occasions. Variations from Converse, Nike, New Balance and Sorel are constantly living in my closet. Finding sneakers on sneakers is a rare but exciting experience, and you never know what new styles may disappear if they perfectly complement your unique style or identity.

Sneakers quickly became one of the most popular fashion items in the market, even among luxury brandsquickly taking on a powerful role in defining American culture for the last century. The design of the sneakers is deeply integrated into the popular culture of each decade, changing with the values ​​and movements of the time to present new trends for people to take part in by wearing shoe.

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