Gardner and Holtgrave said the change would also increase efficiency and restore the hours of canteen and social activities in dormitories.

By closing three dormitories, CMU also plans to renovate two dormitories and add more students to a dormitory that was designed to isolate and quarantine schools during the pandemic.

A total of 16 homes will be opened at the school compared to 18 opened this school year, Mills said.

In Art the school’s operating budget for 2021-2022the school expected $ 21,250,840 in revenue for its homes and $ 15,903,723 in expenses.

The school is looking to invest more in campus housing: the Northern Community buildings will be undergoing maintenance until they are closed. In addition, the student newspaper Central Michigan Life reported that the board of trustees should make a final decision in April on approval The project is worth $ 135 million, which involves the construction of four new hallsbuild a new parking lot, improve two parking lots and demolish one of the residential complexes.

But in the meantime, merging the dormitories means that 194 students who planned to live in the Northern Community will be relocated. In mid-April, they will receive new housing with a similar layout and the same price, Mills said.

CMU junior Rudy Kelly, a resident of Robinson Hall, said he understands why the university made that decision, but would like it not to affect his dormitory. Kelly is involved in events hosted by RoC, a group of residents living in Robinson Hall and Culkins Hall, and said the events have a high level of participation, so it’s sad to see that the community is changing.

“We are one of the most active and united communities on campus,” Kelly said. “We also hold events and we get very good turnout. We get enthusiastic students, always ready to come and have fun. So it’s a little insulting to see this community go. “

Kelly said he is not yet sure what his plans are for next year.

“I respect their decision. I understand that it needs to be done, ”Kelly said. “It’s just always sad to see the campus community shrink.”

Mills said the CMU hopes to reopen the Northern Community as enrollment grows.

But over the years the number of students at the university has dropped significantly. At the end of the fall semester of 2012, the number of students and graduate students at the school was 27,114. according to the CMU. At the end of autumn 2021, the total number was 15,465 people.

The percentage decline has reached double digits over the past three years: 10 percent in the fall of 2019 and 11 percent over the same period last year in 2020 and 2021.

Across the state, other Michigan colleges and universities have experienced enrollment losses from the 2019-2020 to the 2020-2021 academic year, but some universities have suffered more than others. according to data on the decline in the number of staff analyzed by the fiscal agencies of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Mills said he could not disclose the projected set for next year. The “decision day” of the student will go to campus – May 1.

As the school reduces precautionary measures against COVID-19, including the spread of residents to reduce the spread of the virus, it will move to full capacity in rooms and floors.

First-year student Lillian Schuster is living in the Southern Community this year and plans to live with two friends in an apartment in the Eastern Community, two districts where there will be more students next year. She said she was “definitely disappointed” with the decision because now she will probably have a fourth roommate, despite plans to live with two friends.

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