GRAND REPIDS, Michigan (WOOD) – Celebration Cinema is taking additional steps to make films more accessible to more people: they are launching public screenings with open subtitles.

In Celebration, subtitle tools were available that could be tested for use in any movie, but if there are open subtitles, the dialog will appear directly on the screen throughout the movie.

They’ve done it on a smaller scale, but now they’ll be programming public shows for all the new movies that are coming out in wide distribution, with at least one open subtitle on Sundays.

Emily Lux, director of community affairs, says it will provide more comfort and enjoyment for some audiences, including members of the deaf and hard of hearing community and some people for whom English is a second language.

Screenings with open subtitles will be offered on Sundays at Celebration Cinema Rivertown and Celebration Cinema Crossroads in Portage.

Watch the full conversation with Emily Lux in the video in the player above.

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