Kalamazoo, Michigan (GRES) – It’s no secret that employers are coming up with ways to hire new workers. Bronson Healthcare is stepping up its efforts in a new way.

President and CEO Bill Mans believes that the registration bonus is in itself unfair, as there are still hundreds of vacancies in the health care system with 8,500 employees.

“When I talked to our staff, they said,‘ Bill, we were loyal, we were here all the time. Someone new who comes gets a sign-up bonus. Does that seem fair? We said, “You know what? How can we do it more fairly? ‘”Mans said.

Participate in a 90-day call for Bronson staff.

Until May 21, when a Bronson employee sends someone, that employee receives the same sign-up bonus as the person they brought. Administrators say that at least 160 referrals came on the first day alone.

“Satisfying the staff shortage is a problem. To do it in such a way that everyone can participate … I really like this idea of ​​involving everyone, ”Mans said. “We have 8,500 employees. That means we have 8,500 recruiters. ”

Bonuses depend on the position, from $ 500 to $ 20,000, and not every position is eligible for a bonus. Mans explains the difference in amounts due to demand for certain jobs.

“Some positions are harder to recruit, while others give a bigger entry bonus,” Manns said.

Managers and talent professionals cannot collect bonuses for referrals.

Manns says Bronson is the only medical employer in the area who currently does such a task. But he has a message for any employer with financial flexibility who is now in the same situation.

“I think the market has demonstrated that those who are willing to be creative and actually retain and attract new talent at the same time will continue to thrive,” Manns said.

Administrators added that the problem is limitless, which means that an employee who leads two or more referrals will receive several bonuses.

* Correction: A previous version of this article included an incorrect statement about which positions are eligible for the bonus. We regret the error that was removed from the text.

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