Baker, confectioner and chocolate Jennifer Perry has a new home for her business The Sweet Girl in downtown Brighton.

Sweet Girl has been running for over 16 years, but now she’s open in her first brick showcase at 411 Mill Pond Lane.

Perry said the place is in the heart of the city, which already attracts families with children, and she believes her shop should be well attended.

“I’m very happy to be in the city next to Jack’s custard (and cakes). The Imagination station (open public space) is here, and the farmers market,” she said.

Previously, the showcase was occupied by the sewing and alternative business Alternations Unlimited, which moved to West Grand River Avenue.

Pam McConaughey, president and CEO of the Brighton District Chamber of Commerce, said there was a queue at the door during The Sweet Girl’s grand opening and ribbon-cutting earlier this month.

“I bought irises, their chocolates and apples, so I know their sweets are delicious,” McConaughey said.

“It’s different from everything else in town. We hope they’re very successful. They’re in a great place. It has everything for family fun. I like that we have it. It’s very family-friendly,” she added. . .

Peanut butter from dark chocolate, shown on Monday, February 21, 2022, are some of the rates offered at The Sweet Girl in central Brighton.

The Sweet Girl sells chocolates, caramel apples and made from scratch cupcakes, pies and other desserts, but is known for its award-winning toffees in chocolate.

Toffee with bourbon-pecan Perry won a bronze prize in 2019 in the award “Best Chocolate and Confectioners in America”, presented by the International Chocolate Salon. She was also called the favorite of the judges.

Other products at The Sweet Girl include caramel logs, peanut bars, bunches of pecans and pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered with M&M’s.

“Now we’re trying to figure out what people like, what to stock up on, how much and when. Caramel apples were popular, and we quickly sold out,” said Jennifer’s husband James Perry.

Packages of toffees are on display at the newly opened confectionery factory in Brighton, The Sweet Girl, shown on Monday, February 21, 2022.

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Jennifer Perry makes her own vanilla extract and sells bottles at the store. She said it takes a whole year to process the vanilla extract. The store also sells her extracts of hazelnuts, oranges, cherries and mint.

People can shop in person as well as make individual orders for parties and events for cakes, cupcakes and toffees.

Bottles of pure vanilla are produced at The Sweet Girl, shown on Monday, February 21, 2022. The product takes a year.

In the future, the business plans to add online ordering and shipping.

Perry also plans to host children’s birthdays and chocolate events for adults.

A long history of great food

Jennifer Perry founded The Sweet Girl in 2005, and over the years the company has acquired several forms, including a wholesale business, a hot dog cart, a food truck, a tent at a farmers market and now a showcase.

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