BRIGHTEN – Volunteers from a pair of organizations assisted by two Brighton-linked residents of Ukraine have collected 11,000 meals this week, which they plan to send to refugees from the war in Eastern Europe.

Volunteers from Executive Wealth Managementcombined with Ohio based Lifeline Christian Mission, will send food to refugees arriving in Poland and Romania. Brighton couple Nick Deichakowski and Oksana Pronych were among those who collected food to, in their opinion, personal.

Local efforts are an attempt to alleviate the suffering of people fleeing Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. The United Nations said this week millions of Ukrainians had either fled the country or been displaced.

“It’s so exciting to see people of good will who may not have ties to Ukraine, but are still willing to give their time and their prayers for our country,” said Deichakivsky, the son of Ukrainian refugees from World War II. .

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