The same day, the Macomb County Technical Rescue Team conducted an exercise to demolish the building, a resident of the Georgetown Apartments in Chesterfield recounted her horrific experience after a brick wall outside her apartment building collapsed on Monday night.

“I live in an apartment on the middle floor at the end of the building where the wall collapsed,” said Jessica Goodhand. “I was just sitting and watching TV when I heard a crack.”

She looked around but noticed nothing.

A black mark indicates where the cord to the air conditioner was before it was pulled out of the wall. Photo sent

About 10 minutes later she saw a flash and then her air conditioner disappeared, its cord coming out of the socket on the wall.

“I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on,” Goodhand said.

The Chesterfield Fire Department was sent to the area at 7:22 p.m. on March 21 on a report of a building collapse.

But that was not the case.

“The brick facade fell off the side of the building, so it wasn’t a structural problem,” said Steve Rogers, a fire inspector for the Chesterfield City Fire Department who was one of those who responded to the dreaded bell.

The building is one of several that make up the community on the north side of 23 Mile Road between Graciote Avenue and I-94 in Chesterfield. Rogers said that next to the wall where the brick fell, there are six apartments, and six across the hall. All the occupants of the apartments were evacuated, and Rogers along with the Chesterfield town building inspector investigated the damage. A construction crew and a DTE were also sent to the area.

“It took the building inspectors about two hours to inspect it,” Goodhand said.

After they determined that there was no damage to the structure, the construction crews patched the holes left by the air conditioners, which were torn off the wall and then covered the outer wall with plastic.

View of the exterior wall that collapsed in Georgetown apartments in Chesterfield. Gina Joseph – Macomb’s diary

“Our building manager was very friendly and said that if we can’t get back right away, she will find us a place to rest,” Goodhand said.

The only damage to her one-bedroom apartment, which she rents for $ 690 a month, was air conditioning. Hers was one of several lying on the ground next to the apartment building, and only an evil black mark remained on the wall, indicating where the fire could have started but not.

Rogers said it had been a long time since they were aimed at collapsing the building, adding that it usually happens every four to five years, and that the last one he inspected had the same problem when a brick facade fell.

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