The brain and body are intrinsically connected. Nervous pathways which is made up of chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters, engages in a delicate dance to ensure that the body functions efficiently. The degree to which brain and body are separate was was hotly debated by philosophers for centuries. Nevertheless, it is wide acceptance regardless of whether they are considered separate units, the brain exists as a processing center to ensure the body’s optimal performance.

What, however, if such an accepted fact as the brain exists? to help body was controversial? What if advertisers rebranded the brain as unreliable, inefficient, and the enemy of the body? If the brain were marketed as separate from the body it is designed to protect, consumers would have to look to outside sources to help with everyday human functions.

This is precisely the basis of modernity health industry. By selling products to optimize bodily functions such as digestion, circulation, and immune health through expensive products, retailers have created a body hierarchy with a direct correlation between money spent on personal care products and an “optimal body.” For large corporations, this is the perfect formula to convince the public that their brains cannot effectively regulate their bodies. with Amazon sales of reishi mushroom antigenic extract at $20 per pound, and “health” in general rose to 4.5 trillion dollars A global industry, millions of people have already succumbed to the corporate narrative of buying products to maximize bodily performance in a futile effort to achieve the “optimal body.”

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