One of the brightest and most significant holidays in the existence of every family is a wedding. But in the Metaverses, the “new norms of existence” have raised the bar for weddings. People turn to specialists for help in conducting a virtual wedding ceremony. The youngsters will first discuss their ideas with the developers before creating their own unique virtual zone as they see fit. In addition, a unique NFT marriage certificate is usually created for the event, detailing the wedding and marriage contract.

Some Metaverses may have a unique feature just for weddings. For example, the CloseUp brand introduced the Decentraland Metaverse Closeup City Hall of Love platform, where anyone can register their relationship and get an NFT marriage certificate.

On this platform, you can simulate a wedding by choosing the format of the celebration, listening to the guests’ congratulations, setting up a photo session and filming the celebration. Couples then receive a “love token”—an NFT marriage certificate—for free, except for the minimal cost associated with minting the token. Any attempt to exchange this certificate will be met with the phrase: “Love is not for sale”, which blocks the trade. The newly developed ERC-1155 smart contract for semi-fungible tokens, which is widely used in Metaverse games, provides the basis for the marriage certificate technology. Two people can receive the certificate at the same time, as the smart contract allows shared ownership of the token.

Reasons why weddings are popular in the Metaverse

Variety of Locations Any location can be created for a wedding ceremony in the Metaverse. It can be outer space, a fantasy nation, the distant future or the Middle Ages. You can all interact in one virtual place thanks to metaverses, saving you from the hassle of traveling.

The number of guests is not limited. There is no limit to the number of visitors a metauniverse can host. The virtual environment created for the occasion includes a place for fun games for visitors, as well as decorations for the ceremony.

Not every visitor has the opportunity to give a gift to the newlyweds personally. Even a regular international money transfer is not a practical solution in this case. It is time consuming and expensive in commissions. NFTs are a nice and unique alternative to conventional gifts.

The first marriage in The metauniverse at the end of the year, Americans Tracy and Dave Gagnani noted. They were assisted by a team of software developers and event organizers from Virbela, a company that develops virtual worlds for remote work, learning and events.

Girlfriend Tracy’s avatar walked her down the aisle, while Dave’s avatar happily nodded as his pal toasted (on a virtual stage, of course). Is there anything that can be done? Yes! Even the tiniest details, such as the flowers, have been carefully crafted by the Virbela team.


Wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more common in the Metaverse. They’re a lot less expensive, you can invite a lot of people, and it’s something completely new and exciting. The functionality of metaverses will increase as technology evolves. As a result, they will be able to provide customers with an increasing variety of venues and amenities for virtual weddings.

Unfortunately, except in the circumstances we outlined earlier, marriages in the metaverse are not currently legally binding. The Meta Marriage Certificate is a new concept for Web3. According to Rose Law Group founder and president Jordan Rose, it’s not a legal document. However, it is possible that virtual marriages will soon begin to truly challenge traditional weddings. Specifically, in terms of planning and emotional elements.

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