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The Black Think Tank has launched a new campaign calling for Congress prioritize the hiring of various employees for senior positions.

In accordance with A hill, the Joint Center, which calls itself the “Black American Think Tank,” recently created a website to track diversity trends among the senior staff of each new member of Congress. The website will also feature a video on why diversity is important and how to address the lack of representation in congressional offices.

One of the key steps to advancing racial equality in our country is to ensure that members of Congress receive advice from senior staff who represent our nation’s diversity.” Spencer Overtonpresident of the United Center, the statement said.

“These critical staff roles impact lawmaking, the multi-trillion dollar budget process and the Senate confirmation process, and provide oversight to the work of more than 4.2 million federal employees. The perspectives and decisions of senior Congressional staff shape the lives of ordinary Americans — especially those from communities of color.”

While Democratic congressional offices are more diverse than Republican offices, staffers of color are consistently paid less than their white counterparts.

The Joint Center also plans to send a letter to members of Congress signed by nearly 70 organizations and stakeholders advocating for increased racial diversity in human resources.

LaShonda Bransonsenior fellow at the Joint Center, said in a statement that the lack of diversity suggests that “key voices and perspectives are not being heard in the rooms where important decisions are made.”

“Simply put, this is an issue that concerns Republican and Democratic offices,” Branson said. “It’s time for members of Congress to show and prove that the experiences of the communities they represent count in their work and decisions for the country.”

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