The first black mayor of Eastpoint, Monique Owens, was called differently: the creator of history,
a pioneer, an influencer, and now a children’s author.

She is the author of a new book Mom, what is a mayor? This touching story is designed to arouse the interest of young people in local government and identify those who are historical figures of our time. With a focus on civic education, Mom, what is a mayor? ignites the desire of students to explore different levels of management and demonstrates
that students can be agents of change in their community.

The book is designed to inspire the next generation of council members, mayors, mayors and more. Owens tells the story of her twin daughters, Cameron and Caden, and how they started the conversation.
asking her the title of the book: “Mom, what is a mayor?”

When they learned of the historic victory over Mayor Owen. Owen’s daughters wanted to understand her new role in government, and this simple question demonstrated to Owens that African-American children need to understand government agencies – beyond the very prominent role of the president. Mayor Owens felt it wasn’t just her
a responsibility to raise their children, but a duty to teach and encourage each child regarding governmental and managerial roles. More importantly, Owens was interested in making children know that people in these leadership roles can be like them. Mom, what is a mayor? details on the many roles of the mayor, local governments and ways to involve youth.

Mayor Monique Owens began her role in local government in 2017 in Eastpoint, Michigan, as the first black board member. She later became the first black and youngest man ever to be elected mayor of Macomb County. Her success is attributed to her career in law enforcement, education in political science, and her dedication to serving her community.

Mayor Owens studied, researched and prayed for wisdom, and the fruits of that effort are evident in her efforts. Her vision is to create future leaders and a more meaningful learning experience for young people that is vastly different from what she faced as a child. Mayor Owens believes that the desire to learn every child gives them the right to receive knowledge and education that support them for the rest of their lives. Her journey has just begun and she wants to share that journey with every child.

This innovative and one-of-a-kind book promotes civic education, shows the diversity of political leadership and creates an interesting and engaging experience for all ages.

According to Mayor Owens, “This is the first of many books in the series that explains the different levels of government and how it works.” Owens wants the book to become the standard in the classroom. “I want the kids to see what they are capable of. My motto includes words of wisdom from my favorite scriptures, I can do anything
through Christ, and so can you. ” Mom, what is a mayor? can be ordered at The book was released on Saturday, March 5, in honor of National Reading Month and Women’s History Month.

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