Colleges and universities across the country will soon be able to get their own grades.

The Biden administration wants institutions to be judged on their financial value to students.

“The administration plans to basically create a list of shame, a list of programs that they say burden students with unsustainable debt that are not worth the cost of those programs. So they’re basically going to create a long list of offenders,” said Kathryn Knott, a reporter for Inside Higher Ed.

The list is still in the planning stages, but Knott believes the potential student loan amount will be used to gauge the cost of the school.

“I think some of the metrics that they’re going to use or propose to use is, are any college students going to make more than if they just had a high school diploma? How much do they owe compared to the total cost of the program? Number of graduates. Student loan default rates. Do students pay off their loans? So, these are the indicators.”

Unlike previous efforts, this list is expected to include many types of institutions, not just for-profit schools.

“Currently, the administration plans to send an improvement plan to the institutions and programs on its list. How are you going to make your program financially worthwhile?” – said Noth.

You can get acquainted with the plan of the administration while visiting until February 10

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