The Detroit Red Wings Foundation and the Children’s Foundation will present an eSports gym, youth workforce, and entrepreneurial development program in partnership with clubs for boys and girls in Southeast Michigan.

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On Wednesday, March 9, the Detroit Red Wings Foundation and the Children’s Foundation recently opened an eSports hall for youth members of Southeast Michigan Boys and Girls (BGCSM) clubs at the Lloyd H. Dill Club. The $ 300,000 investment between the Red Wings Foundation and the Children’s Fund to promote careers and entrepreneurship for young people in the sports and eSports industry is a major component of Red Wings ’groundbreaking work. Learn, play, kill platform.

Building on the success of the Esports Lounge, previously established by the Detroit Red Wings Foundation at the Dick & Sandy Dauch Club, the e-gym at the Lloyd H. Diehl Club is the first of three additional halls available at the Red Wings Foundation and The Children’s Foundation. seeks to build in BGCSM locations to benefit the youth of the Detroit subway. With the latest technology, five BGCSM e-gyms will appear online this year with the support of the Red Wings Foundation, the Children’s Fund and other donors.

E-sports + hockey halls and programming will be offered at the following BGCSM locations in the Detroit subway:

  • Dick & Sandy Dauch Club (Detroit, opened in 2020)
  • Lloyd H. Dill Club (Detroit, opened in 2022)
  • Fauver-Martin Club (Highland Park, opening summer 2022)
  • Eastpointe Club (Eastpointe, opening 2022)
  • Matilda R. Club Wilson (Auberne Hills, Opening 2022)

In addition to year-round programming for BGCSM members, the facilities will provide paid workforce development and industry experience to nearly 200 youth from Detroit each year through the BGCSM Industry Club. BGCSM is the first place for clubs for boys and girls in the country, which offers the Industry Club model to pay young people to learn about careers in e-sports, sports, entertainment, as well as in fashion and merchandising, technology, science data and risk management. Currently, applications are open for young people to all industrial clubs at

The Diehl venue will be the hub for future eSports tournaments and leagues that also take place on the BGCSM Esports + Hockey network. The venue will also be available for meetings, corporate events and more.

“The partnership with Detroit Red Wings and the Children’s Fund provides so many resources for youth in our BGCSM ecosystem,” said Sean H. Wilson, president and CEO of clubs for boys and girls in Southeast Michigan. “Apart from the amazing game in the Egaming League, in the new institution young people will have the opportunity to receive a paid workforce and technology entrepreneurship experience, which ensures that they leave their careers at our club and be ready to start working!”

Red Wings and BGCSM will also present Street hockey at The D: Club Sessions this Wednesday at Diehl as part of the Esports + Hockey program. Youth participants will start learning and playing floor hockey in Diehl gyms and in the BGCSM Esports + Hockey network. Once the game is mastered, the club locations will compete with each other for the seasonal title.

Thanks to the support of the Children’s Fund, BGCSM will provide youth programs aimed at social and emotional support in the clubs of the Esports + Hockey network. These unique programs will focus on supporting the mental health of Club members through special guest speakers and interactive experiences.

“This collaboration establishes another unique approach to improving the health and well-being of children and families,” said Lawrence J. Burns, President and CEO of the Children’s Fund. “In particular, it focuses on two of our main areas of mental health and youth development and represents what we do by bringing together different community partners. We look forward to the impact of this innovative, collaborative and one-of-a-kind programming. ”

Both the Esports + Hockey and Street Hockey programs in D are key extensions Learn, play, kill. Over the past two years, Red Wings and their partners have presented a variety of in-depth interactive programs and experiences for Detroit youth, including Street hockey in D: at school with the Detroit Public Schools Districtstreet hockey at The D: At Home and Street hockey in the series The D: Summer with Detroit’s parks and recreation areas, and Open Skates community at Little Caesars Arena for everyone Learn, play, kill participants and families.

The grand opening of the Diehl Esports Lounge and the future implementation of the Esports + Hockey program in Southeast Michigan’s boys ‘and girls’ clubs are the next steps in the evolution of Detroit Red Wings Learn, play, kill platform.

Founded in the 2019-2020 season as part of a $ 1 million commitment from the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Red Wings Foundation and NHL / NHLPA Industry Foundation, Learn, play, kill the platform breaks down systemic barriers by introducing equal access to hockey in various forms for thousands of children across Detroit. In partnership with respected local organizations and respected Detroit residents, children of all ages and abilities are now experiencing the social, emotional, and educational benefits of hockey – many of them for the first time.

“Serving the children in our community is at the heart of the Learn, Play, Score platform, and we are excited that youth members of boys ‘and girls’ clubs across our region will be involved in both the Esports + Hockey program and street hockey,” said Chris McGowan. , President and CEO of Ilitch Sports + Entertainment. “We look forward to partnering with The Children’s Foundation to provide long-term opportunities and memories for these children, and we can’t wait to see them soon at the Red Wings game.”

The Learn, play, kill The Esports + Hockey program will provide the necessary tools and experience for hundreds of young BGCSM members who will be able to discover an exciting crossroads of eSports, games and professional sports if they understand ways to unleash their potential. Interacting with the latest technology, practical opportunities for the workforce and learning the powerful principles of hockey, Esports + Hockey aims to serve as a catalyst for children in the Detroit subway to achieve their dreams.

The third Esports Lounge will open in the coming months at the Fauver-Martin BGCSM club in Highland Park.

The South East Michigan Industrial Club’s Boys ‘and Girls’ Club initiative coincides with the organization’s efforts to combat poverty through economic mobility, as well as its continued positive impact on the community and improving the development of youth and their families.

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