You may have heard of my birthday. It’s kind of familiar (infamous? Depends on who you’re talking to.) It smirks, gasps, nods understandingly or apologizes – “heck, your birthday depression probably really hit! ” If you’re reading this when I publish this article, chances are you know where it’s going. Yes, I have a birthday on Valentine’s Day.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is my birthday.

When I was younger, the realization that February 14 was more than a day when I decided to wear pink, visited distant relatives every year and rightly waited for my favorite dessert for my birthday – strawberry cheesecake, was definitely a kind of recalibration. Getting annual vaccinations has always been a scary process, but I always blushed when I heard the phrase “birthday on Valentine’s Day? So you get two presents! ” Honestly, this coincidence made sense to me – it confirmed my already steadfast protagonist syndrome (yes, I read too much Juni B. Jones!)

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