“Feelings” are some of the most difficult concepts to understand, and even harder to reflect on them to write about. I once heard that the more concrete art becomes, the more universal it becomes. I. proud about how these writers, gathering their hearts for “The Empathy B-Side”, have dismantled all the tiny details of their feelings, revealing their minds and lives to readers and combining their emotions into a collection that is guaranteed to tear your heart apart and bind it back in one piece. It’s hard to create one definition of feeling: everyone wears grief differently, and the same goes for love, humor, horror. Thank God we have favorite books, movies, video games and songs as a vivid charity to point out to others and connect with them, or at least feel a connection to these works that have helped us learn more about ourselves. Art serves as a constant reminder that we are unraveled and reunited by the hands and grace of others.

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“Milk in a Bag with Milk in a Bag with Milk” is a refreshing self-reflection by Daily Arts author Hunter Bishop

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