Aventiv Technologies, a leading technology company that provides rehabilitation justice by beginning to develop and deploy educational platforms as a rehabilitation tool for prisoners, recently announced the launch of its Corporate Advisory Board to help meet its long-standing commitment to transformation.

The council consists of 11 leaders representing different counties and communities. Ms. Teresa Hodge, a former prisoner businessman and advocate for return, will serve as chairman of the board. Ms. Hodge is the founder, president, and CEO of Mission: Launch, a nonprofit organization that works with financial institutions to help former inmates get start-up capital for business. Forbes magazine has included Ms. Hodge in its first-ever list of women leaders and activists in 2021. 50 More than 50 women. In addition to Ms. Hodge, the advisory board includes the former president of the National Bar Association, the CEO of a leading Spanish nonprofit, former GE and IBM executives, a former U.S. Federal Communications Commission and senior U.S. Department of Labor officials, public activists, and civil society experts. politics.

“I am committed to reducing the damage that prisons do to individuals and their families, especially children,” Ms Hodge said. The fact is that our prison system makes the return incredibly difficult. I am excited to play an important role in helping Aventiv use its place in institutions to improve outcomes for families relevant to justice, and to lay the groundwork for systemic change. Once Aventiv is part of the problem, now it’s part of the solution. “

Advisory Board members will work in tandem with Aventiv C-Level executives who share similar experiences and responsibilities to drive effective business orders and ensure that the company best serves the needs of its consumers and customers. Board members will also work with individuals in correctional facilities, their loved ones, community leaders, government agencies, reform advocates and others to ensure that Aventiv makes full use of its connectivity opportunities for those who need it most.

The Advisory Board will report to Aventiv CEO Dave Abel and work with other members of the company’s management team on its radical transformation into a modern technology business that provides education, return and rehabilitation in addition to communication.

“When I became CEO two years ago, I made a commitment to change this company forever, changing the way we do business and putting the prisoners we serve at the heart of every product and decision we make. We have embarked on an ambitious transformation to make investments work for all people whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system, ”Mr Abel said. “These changes are long overdue. We are now investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a wider range of technology products and services that support communication and education, return and rehabilitation. We are very lucky to have a stellar group of advisers in our boardroom. ”

“This is a powerful group that is vital to our transformation efforts at Aventiv,” said Mr. Tom Gores, Chairman and CEO of Platinum Equity. “They represent not only a new level of accountability, but also a critical source of intellectual capital that will help manage the next generation of pricing, product development, customer-consumer engagement, and regulation and legislative reform.”

Mr. Youssef D. Jackson, Senior Advisor to Aventiv, has played an important role in developing the board’s structure and list.
“The creation and launch of the Advisory Board is a critical step in the transformation of Aventiv,” Jackson said. “We have made significant progress, but to be most effective, we need to be better connected as a company with the communities we serve, and have unhindered access to bold independent views of people that will help lead us in a new way and hold us accountable. our commitment to change. I am confident that this group of leaders and advocates will mirror our actions and the role of industry leaders, and most importantly, will tell the serious truths needed to fix a broken system forever. We are well located and ready for further work. “

For corporate development and consulting services, Aventiv has hired Jarvis Stewart, Chairman and CEO of HP Global Advisors.

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