April is stress management month!

Okay – we’re aware. What now?

Health is a priority stopped by the FOX 17 studios to help you deal with what’s getting on your nerves and draining your energy.

Good – still watching. But then again; what now?

The first step directly in their name is priority. It’s time to make a plan.

Look at your habits, your environment—even your relationships—and have an honest conversation with yourself.

Determine what’s staying, what’s leaving, and what you need help with.

Then comes the big question: HOW?

In many ways, this answer is simple – better diet/habits = better health, ditching devices = more peace of mind, and setting boundaries = healthy relationships – but putting this plan into action can be a little more difficult. If so, call a professional.

Talk to your doctor, best friend, or enlist the help of family to reduce the stress in your life.

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