We have always been obsessed with the coming apocalypse – the final, cataclysmic catastrophe that will lead to the end of the world as we know it. This question has occupied humanity, seemingly forever, from biblical revelations to zombie movies. But more and more often the apocalypse is not felt so far. We’re all used to our current “unprecedented times,” but everything seems too … precedent-setting. How do we deal with the end of the world when it seems to be happening right in front of us? How do we reckon with the cultural phenomenon of the apocalypse when we experience it? Sometimes it seems like we’re going to our certain doom along the way with billboards that are still trying to convince us that everything is fine. This B-Side follows this path and explores how art deals with the concept of the apocalypse, both real and imagined.

Emilia Ferrante, senior art editor

Women possess a void of anti-utopia author of the Daily Arts Contributor Ava Burzycki

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