EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Students at Michigan State University are putting down their textbooks and picking up a shovel. It is part of a group of young Spartan entrepreneurs led by Adam Green called Uni Services.

“The students at MSU came together and said we can help our community if we just get off the couch and start working in the community,” said Uni Services founder Adam Green.

They take on small tasks like clearing snow, and to make the job easier, the team created an app. There, you choose your job, your price, and in today’s case, include a photo of your driveway.

“We have a special feature just for the snow route, so you sign up once and then every time it snows, you get a simple alert that it’s snowing, do you want to shovel today, yes or no, and if you click yes, then the student shows up at your house and gets it shoveled, and then you do the work,” Green said.

More than 450 students participate in the program, including people like MSU senior Quintin Bell. Bells says getting a job helps him pay for school.

“It was great for me personally. I’ve used it myself many times for a little extra cash for gas, books or whatever you need. “I think it’s a really great resource for students and customers,” Bell said.

Greene says he hopes the addition will not only give people a day off from shoveling, but also bridge the gap between the university and the community.

“Often, colleges are like little islands in the big cities in which they are located. So I think this platform and the services that we offer can really offer students a great way to connect with the community,” Green said.

At the moment, about a thousand users are registered. the team has plans to expand to other colleges soon.

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