On April 23, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., an inexpensive vaccination clinic will be held at Warren’s Department of Public Works.

Available vaccines for $ 10 include one- and three-year vaccines against rabies, plague, barbel, and FELV. Vaccines against canine influenza and Lyme disease are available for $ 20 each. Pet owners can also make a microchip of their four-legged friends for $ 10.

There are $ 40 packages that include rabies, plague, bordetella or FELLC and a microchip.

There are no accommodation requirements for visiting the clinic. Dogs should be on short leashes with tight collars; cats should be carried. This clinic is cash only (credit cards not accepted), and a three-year rabies vaccine requires prior proof of vaccination.

It will rain or rain in the clinic.

Warren DPW is located at 12801 Stephens Road between Hoover and Schoenherr roads in Warren. For more information, email WarrenAnimalWelfare@gmail.com or 586-275-5181.

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