Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Today is all about love and gifts, so flower shops across the country are organizing one of the busiest days of the year.

According to National Federation of Retail (NRF), shoppers will spend about $ 23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day, which is the second year in history. That number increased from $ 21.8 billion in 2021.

The NRF says buyers are expected to spend an average of $ 175 per person, an increase of $ 10 compared to last year, when it was about $ 164.00.

Officials say that among the most popular goods they buy are flowers, and in some areas there is a shortage.

“Even because we like solid materials like vases and things like that, we’re really struggling to get our practical stuff,” said Curry Steed of Wild Strawberry and More. “We need to make a lot of replacements.”

Smiths Flower Shop in Lansing says that after the pandemic many people are ordering online.

“Like every year, we have to forecast based on the previous year,” said Maher Mahmoud, owner of Smiths Floral and Greenhouse. “21 and 22 have nothing to predict because after COVID we stopped for about six months. In the year of COVID, people began making orders online like never before. ”

According to Mahmoud, prices for flowers in the store can range from $ 10 for one rose to $ 200 for larger compositions, and new orders are still expected to arrive.

Officials advise people to place orders earlier if they still need a gift for today.

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