EAST LANCING, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – Tensions in Eastern Europe concern not only civilians in the region, but also US citizens living and working in Europe.

Jack Thompson, a student at the University of Michigan, spent five years of his life in Germany and said most of his family still lives there, giving him an interesting look at how Americans abroad are closely watching the latest escalation between Russia and Ukraine.

“Well, at first I wasn’t very worried. I kind of expected that the situation would not get worse the way it was, ”Thompson said.

Thompson is a senior university in Michigan and comes from a military family.

His father’s career led to Thompson spending his high school years in Wiesbaden, Germany; just 25 miles from Frankfurt. He said that although he is worried about his family living there, he knows that those closest to the conflict have something to worry about.

“I am much more worried about my family and the people who work at the embassy in Kyiv, which has just moved, I think, to Poland. But it is still a little worrying that the conflict is taking place on the threshold of Western Europe, ”Thompson said.

Thompson said a large number of his friends enlisted or became officers in the military. He said U.S. intervention had become a topic of discussion with them.

“Many of these people are particularly concerned about this perspective when it comes to the potential conflict in Ukraine. As I said, I’m not worried that this will lead to us lying on the ground in this case, but I see where the concern comes from if you might do it, “Thompson said.

He said the information provided to American citizens was limited. Civilians such as his mother and other family members were told to remain calm. While government officials like his dad are focused on working normally.

“I think at the moment it’s pretty balanced. I think a lot of direction, at least given to people on the ground – is to stay calm and not strain because of such things, because you have to work hard, you know? Despite the whole Ukrainian conflict. “

Thompson said after Russia’s move Monday, he hopes the issue will not lead to a full-scale war, but he has some concerns about the international economy.

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