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As data and data insights play an important role in the development of products and services in the financial services industry, data centers play an undeniably important role in any corporate sustainability strategy. Building a sustainable model for the future now requires data storage that requires significantly less power, less cooling, and significantly less waste, and can have a significant and immediate impact on reducing the global carbon footprint of data centers. Join a session with CTO of Pure Storage, Patrick Smith, to learn how you can build sustainable models for the future with data storage designed to require significantly less power, lower cooling and significantly less waste, with the potential to creating a significant and direct impact on reducing carbon emissions in global data centers.

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Time: 18:00 GMT

Duration: 1 hour


Patrick Smith,
CTO EMEA, Pure Storage

Patrick Smith is CTO of Pure Storage EMEA. He has held this position since May 2018. As a senior technical advisor, he provides critical input and leadership in development, product management, sales, marketing, and pre-sales. Prior to Pure, Patrick was Head of Core Engineering at Deutsche Bank and was responsible for servers and storage; which included product evaluation and selection, testing and certification, strategy ownership and roadmaps, and technology management. He also led global infrastructure engineering teams at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys jogging in the park, listening to music, watching sports and surfing with his family.

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