WXYZ – The trial of four men in a conspiracy to kidnap and assassinate Michigan Gov. Gothen Whitmer has been postponed. According to a court ruling filed today in Federal Court in Grand Rapids, “an important participant in the trial warned the court this afternoon about the appearance of symptoms and positive tests for Covid over the weekend.”

The ruling continues, “in the absence of other complications, the court hopes to re-convene the trial on Thursday, March 17, 2022.”

The order was signed by Judge Robert Jonker, who is the chief judge and presides over the trial.

The next witness was to be an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the group and is known only as “Mark.”

Judges are Brendan Caserta from Canton, Daniel Harris from Lake Orion, Adam Fox from Grand Rapids and Barry Croft from Delaware. Two other federal defendants, Ty Garbin of Hartland and Caleb Franks of Waterford, have entered into a plea deal and will testify as charges.

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